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Growing Pains follows River, a middle schooler who's struggling to keep up academically with their peers. River believes their self-worth is tied to their grades and how well they preform on assignments. Each student's mental state is reflected by whether their plant is thriving or wilting.

Through the short film, River is able to learn from his teacher that trying their best and doing the best of their ability is enough, and not to compare their success to their classmates.

Opening Shot Progress

From layout, to rough animation, to the final render seen in the short film, this is the first shot seen. The shot introduces the three supporting characters in the film and the setting of the first and last scenes.

Growing Pains 01_01

Growing Pains 01_01

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Oak Writing Shots

Oak is one of the supporting characters seen in the short film. She is one of the highest achieving students, and her rapid progress in completing work is used to contrast River's lack thereof, and shows River's fear of failure.